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Let us know and we'll add it. With the refresh button you'll see if there are new cameras available and the app will download them immediately. Added support for the iPhone X. Added haptic feedback when picking a value. Minor improvements. I really like that it can switch between my choice of 2 cameras.

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Also the graphical display is easy to understand at a glance. Also good that it supports both iPhone and iPad with only one purchase. I have one request though: Could you also show lens "equivalent" mm for non full frame cameras? The app already knows the sensor sizes for a large number of camera bodies, so it would be simple to add in brackets, the equivalent focal length. This could disappear if a FF camera was selected. As titled, a simple depth of field calculator that does the job.

Good correlation with published tables and there's enough circle of confusion options cameras and numeric values to satisfy anybody. It doesn't however directly address the more common query where given a near and far distance you're after a focal distance and aperture.

PhotoBuddy - Depth of Field calculator app

If there's any issue it's the odd choice of fractional aperture values which are unlikely to tally with any camera. Also this app does not go down to macro distances like iDof Calc does.

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I've shot controlled diffraction tests through all my cameras, and this seems quite accurate. The only thing I'd note is that it doesn't take pixel size into account. As the individual pixels on a certain size sensor decrease, the noticeable effects of diffraction increase.

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Technically it looks about right, but they should specify that the depth of field is still increasing at f16, f22, and so on, even though the image is becoming blurrier, which is an important difference in macro photography where diffraction limited images may be objectively better because wider apertures result in too shallow of a depth of field.

There are a lot of DoF apps out there but this one presents the settings and results in a very concise and logical way.

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Highly recommended for landscape photographers. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description An elegant little app to give a wee taste of the TrueDoF range of depth of field calculators. Support for iPhone X. A more pleasant colour scheme, plus several small interface tweaks.

Of course, all the new features of the last major upgrade are still there: And there are lots of little improvements. If you like this free app, wait till you check out the "pro" version, TrueDoF-Pro! Completely rewritten, with a cleaner, more up-to-date look, and a more interactive feel.

Depth of Field (DoF) calculator | PhotoPills

A few notable improvements: Oh, and there's a new icon, and the file size is much smaller. The focal length selection wheel no longer free rotates after you stop pushing it. To determine the hyperfocal distance for a given lens and aperture f-stop , on the lower left part of the screen choose the focal length of the lens and the f-stop you want to use. The hyperfocal distance will show up in the middle of the screen red arrow.

In this case it is 5 feet, 2.

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Set the distance scale to 5 feet 3 inches and the depth of field shows up in the upper part of the screen. When you are out in the field, find a lens aperture, focal length, and focus distance combination that will give you that amount of depth of field that you want. Be sure to set the focus distance on the lens to match the focus distance on the app. Just ignore the hyperfocal distance calculation red arrow in the middle of the screen.

Set the lens aperture and lens focal length in the app to the values you will use with your lens, and the focus distance in the app to the distance you will focus your lens at. The upper part of the screen will tell you the near and far limits of depth of field. If you want more or less depth of field, change the settings on the app until you get what you want, then adjust your lens accordingly.